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There is  modern and fully-fledged interactive strip board shooting schedule built in to SCRIPTtoMOVIE®. All departments are connected to it. Everyone benefits immediately from the information provided by the shooting schedule active in the system.

You can work in two different views:

Strips can be in color or just black and white

Day breaks can be at the begining or at the end of each day



The strip board schedule of SCRIPTtoMOVIE® offers a unique and profound connection to the team. The strip board schedule is the center of logistical planning. All data regarding scenes, characters, extras and locations are being displayed here. You always see the current status of the individual information.  

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1. Live view of the number of planned shots. The schedule refers directly to the shot list.

2. Allocated Unit. Work in the schedule for only one unit or in the over all view for all units. 

3. Statistics strips with live stats about the estimated time of shooting, number of shots, setx, locations, charcters and extras for each day.



The strip board schedule of SCRIPTtoMOVIE® works easy by drag & drop. Just drag the strip to the point where it should go - there you can simply drop it. If you need to move multiple strips, just select the strips and move them in a group. To move a group you need to select a day in the calendar.

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Get an overview of the different viewing options of the schedule. In all views, the strip board is fully editable.

Day out of Days
Large strips
Small strips
Horizontal / Scene breakdown
Vertical / script page
Vertical / black&white

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